Questions and Answers

"Can I wash the Bug Bag?"
Yes you can. However, it is not necessary unless the BUG BAG has become dirty. The tents can be washed in warm water. Please make sure to remove the hook. As the BUG BAG is made of a smooth nylon, you can easily detect lice and remove them. Should you be worried about the presence of head-lice in the tent, simply place the tent in a plastic bag and put these in the freezer overnight. In case the tent does get dirty, try using a wet sponge to get rid of the spot.

"How can I make it clear which BUG BAG is my child's?"
At the top of the tent there is a colored patch. Using a felt pen you can write your child's name on this patch.
It is useful to have as big a variety as possible in the color combinations in order to make it easier for the children to recognize their BUG BAG.

"Is the BUG BAG available in varying lengths?"
No, this isn't necessary. As head-lice have the tendency to crawl upwards, they will try to migrate from one collar to the next. As there is no opening at the top of the BUG BAG, they are trapped. The BUG BAG in itself is 28 inches long.

"Can only schools order BUG BAGS?"
No, definitely not. PTA's and private individuals can order the Bug Bag as well. However, we recommend to try and place a collective order in order to save on shipping costs.

"When do I use the BUG BAG?"
In order for the BUG BAG to be most effective you have to use it every day. Don't wait for an outbreak; prevent one!


  • If your child has head-lice an idea is to use white or monochrome light pillow cases. This makes it easier to detect possible head-lice.

  • If you push a piece of gauze over the lice-comb this facilitates the cleaning process of the comb.

  • It is recommendable that parents also check each other for head-lice if there is an affliction in a class.

  • If it seems impossible to get rid of head-lice/nits at home, try approaching your local health authorities for help.

  • Do not forget to vacuum car seats and head rests should the bugs have invaded your life.


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